Road Trip with Gloria (pt 1)

6-11 September 2017 Gloria invited me to join her for a couple of her Creole bootcamps, which also allowed for a visit to Annapolis - (with a surprise night sightseeing tour of DC when Ann came to get me) yay! (And later in the trip I'll get to see Amanda and Kim from my Dyed4you Team too). It was awesome seeing Gloria in action - she's SUCH a dynamic teacher (not that I'm remotely surprised), but it was SO fun to get to see! And I had a blast with my new lens ball during the drive 🙂 You'll also see my fellas seeing me off and some "Max missing Mommy" pics Larisa shared - my sweetie! And a sweet Facebook live video Allen did (I love my man!) Click one of the images below to see it bigger. You'll be able to scroll back and forth by clicking the right or left side of the enlarged image (to go forward or backward, respectively).

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