4 February 2018 Since I had my camera with me to take pictures of Stephen, I figured I may as well get some service pictures at gateway:61 too (video of Dyed4you flags in use at gateway:61 are on our D4Y blog). This is just a normal weekend service at our beloved home church complete with a variety of Dyed4you flags including Firebrand (the banner), Set like a Flint (the large flag), Living Testimony (Gabi's wings), Accessible Wisdom (Allen's wing), Judgement (Allen's black and white quills), Melek Kabowd (Allen's yellow and blue quills), and Supernatural Authority (my streamer flag). Click one of the images below to see it bigger. You'll be able to scroll back and forth by clicking the right or left side of the enlarged image (to go forward or backward, respectively). And a video Allen took of me with the streamer flag 🙂

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