Mary Dancing

27 October 2018

Been trying to coordinate with Mary – my beautiful dancing friend from church – for a while and we managed to pick the perfect day! We got tons of gorgeous pictures that will undoubtedly end up in future Dyed4you Art pieces. Yay!

The silks in the order they first appear are:

  • Outpouring of Grace (large long handled bendie flag)
  • Sabbath Rest (gathered, handled bendie flag)
  • Steadfast Covenant (gathered, handled bendie flag)
  • Made Clean (pair large long handled bendie flags with a fishtail)
  • Mantle of Healing (bendie sword and shield)

Click one of the images below to see it bigger. You’ll be able to scroll back and forth by clicking the right or left side of the enlarged image (to go forward or backward, respectively).

4 thoughts on “Mary Dancing

  1. Thanks so much Meagan and Mary for this refreshing inspiring worshipping Jesus in nature shots -also with your creations (banners)! I was adoring pouring with you and a still am! Blessings in the Most High!

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