Kitties, Pups, and MaJo’s Birthday

23 May 2020

Les and Glenn adopted a couple of precious sistoiree kitties named Marisol and Madison. They’re about 4 months old so we wanted to capture this sweet season of their youth. And since Baron (Jace’s pup) was over (with his mommy of course) visiting Milo there had to be pup pics too (no matter how jealous Chief was when I got home). And since it was the day after MaJo’s special day, what more perfect time for a celebratory lunch courtesy of Leslie (of course – the hostess with the mostest!) – Allen even joined us and regaled us with “one more story” for an hour or so LOL! And the impromptu afternoon wrapped up with Mom and David making music together (with Mariana looking on) – what a joy! And I gifted mom the first Crystal Life Blessings sculpture to go to anyone – yay!

Click one of the images below to see it bigger. You’ll be able to scroll back and forth by clicking the right or left side of the enlarged image (to go forward or backward, respectively).

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