Yom Teruah Conference

14-17 September My second Yom Teruah (ie Feast of Trumpets). We did a conference this year and it was wonderful and exhausting all at the same time!  The youth did a dance (including some Dyed4you silks and my hubby the Continue reading

Jimmie Black Worship Weekend

18 February 2012 We were blessed to get a worship weekend with Jimmie Black and oh my did heaven open!  It was an amazing weekend 🙂 These pics are from our Saturday service and include my hubby’s ordination as deacon Continue reading

Feast of Dedication (Hanukkah) [Day 5]

24 December 2011 So the day after our Shabbat (sabbath) dinner and evening of worship, we had a bit of a Hanukkah extravaganza complete with Allen in costume as a bad guy 😉 I confess I didn’t cut out as Continue reading

Feast of Dedication (Hanukkah) [Day 4]

23 December 2011 My first year celebrating Hanukkah (which is not one of the biblically mandated feasts, though it was observed in Yeshua’s time and so we observe it as well since there are many rich lessons and history in Continue reading

Yom Kippur

7 October 2011 Pictures from our service celebrating Yom Kippur, the Feast of Atonement. Jim taught on the prophetic significance of the colors of the veil surrounding the holy of holies and how they relate to us today. You can Continue reading

Sukkot Day 1

11 October 2011 Day 1 of the Feast of Tabernacles gathering. Lots of set up, culminating in fireworks (yes it’s awesome having a pastor with a pyrotechnic license) and a bonfire – what a fun day! Dave even found his Continue reading

Feast of Trumpets

27 September 2011 Enjoying our first of the fall feasts with our Passion for Truth Fellowship. What a wonderful evening – I personally enjoyed the cute guy playing Abraham/Moses, but I think I’m biased 😉