Meghan with Flags

3 August 2017 My first shoot on August 3rd (Gloria in her Ayiti Crinkle Silk being the second) was for me to get a shot of the Ayiti streamer for Children's book cover and since was there, I brought more flags and tried working with my tripod and camera via remote. Excited to be visible in my first Dyed4you Art image which is below (Angels Take Flight)! The silks in the order they appear are:
  • AngelsTakeFlighta set of double layer flags called His Abiding Presence (Cloud by Day/Fire by Night)
  • a mismatched pair of spin wings called Unshakable Faith (Confident Faith and Captivated by His Presence)
  • back to His Abiding Presence
  • a large long bendie with a fishtail called Breath of God
  • an XL long quill called Four Winds of Heaven
  • a large long quill called Face Unveiled
  • a large long quill called He Moves in Power
  • a large long quill called Call to Me and I Will Answer
  • a regular bendie wing called Revelation of the Lord
  • a regular bendie wing called My Path
  Click one of the images below to see it bigger. You'll be able to scroll back and forth by clicking the right or left side of the enlarged image (to go forward or backward, respectively).

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